How to Pick THE BEST DOG FOOD – Part 2


Probably your biggest responsibility as a dog parent is determining which dog food provides the most nutrition and health benefits for your dog within your budget.


The dog food industry and AAFCO, it’s rule making arm, has admittedly not made your task very easy. If we’re honest we must admit that it’s actually almost impossible to know with any certainty which dog food is better, or the best, based on the information the industry provides – the Ingredient List and the Guaranteed Analysis – which is generally vague, incomplete, and misleading. Continue reading

How To Pick THE BEST DOG FOOD – Part 1


The FDA requires certain nutritional information be clearly marked on packages of food for humans to help consumers make informed decisions about what they are feeding their family.

woman relaxing on the sofa with her dog and using tabletUnfortunately we are not given the same level of clear information when it comes to dog food. Dog food recommendations are developed by an organization called AAFCO that was originally formed by large corporation dog food industry leaders in a successful attempt to self regulate their own industry and prevent outside agencies from telling them what they could and couldn’t do with dog food. Now the government agencies at the state level  simply adopt whatever regulations the AAFCO board suggests for the dog food industry, which often seem purposely complex or vague and difficult for the average consumer to make much sense of.  Continue reading


It’s important enough to re-visit overweight and gain some additional insight into the problem and the solution.


The reason why there are so many overweight dogs is directly related to the high carbohydrate content in dog foods, and particularly the high glycemic rating of those carbohydrates. For instance, white potatoes and sweet potatoes that are widely used in dog food have a glycemic index that is higher than white sugar. Continue reading

Lady Kay, Mr Blitz, and The Old Gray Muzzle Tour

Fort Lauderdale’s lovely Kay Dorning with Dr David Waters and Mr Blitz, her amazing long lived Rottweiler, who is the first stop on this years “Old Grey Muzzle Tour”.

KimDorning & Mr Blitz w-Dr David Waters

Five years ago Dr David Waters, a professor of Oncology at Purdue University began a yearly recurring scientific road trip to personally interview and examine especially long lived Rottweilers in the country. In 2013 there were 12 dogs that he found and studied and that scientific endeavor has continued each year since. Continue reading