Lady Kay, Mr Blitz, and The Old Gray Muzzle Tour

Fort Lauderdale’s lovely Kay Dorning with Dr David Waters and Mr Blitz, her amazing long lived Rottweiler, who is the first stop on this years “Old Grey Muzzle Tour”.

KimDorning & Mr Blitz w-Dr David Waters

Five years ago Dr David Waters, a professor of Oncology at Purdue University began a yearly recurring scientific road trip to personally interview and examine especially long lived Rottweilers in the country. In 2013 there were 12 dogs that he found and studied and that scientific endeavor has continued each year since.

Rottweilers are very cancer prone as a breed so Dr Waters thinks there is much to be learned by investigating the very few who live to 13 years old and beyond since the average life span of the breed is usually about 8 to 10 years.

A 13 year old Rottweiler is considered to be the equivalent of a 100 year old person.

The very first stop on this years “Old Grey Muzzle Tour” had Dr Waters driving down from Purdue University in Indiana to Fort Lauderdale to meet Mr Blitz, the 100+ year old (in human years) Rottweiler who lives happily with his lovely, loving, doggy mom, Kay Dorning.

Mr Blitz will turn 14 this August which will put him in the upper echelon of long lived Rottweilers. Dr Waters examined Mr Blitz and recorded the data in his ongoing effort to unlock the mystery of why a few rare dogs like Mr Blitz are so healthy they’ve outlived the rest of the breed by 30% to as much as 50%.

We think that a large part of the answer is just good old common sense and has to do with the quality of the food, and love, that Kay provides for Mr Blitz. Kay has been a regular and welcome smiling face at the Brothers Pet Nutrition Store in Fort Lauderdale for the past 10 years. Kay is a warm and gracious lady with a natural, easy going charm who is a pleasure to know, but she also has a very capable and conscientious side when it comes to researching and meeting Mr Blitz’s nutritional needs.


For the last 6 or 7 years Kay has been feeding Mr Blitz Brothers Complete Dog Food. It seems to us, from a scientific as well as common sense perspective, that Kay’s nutritional research and food choices have been largely responsible for Mr Blitz’s long and robust health, and his happiness is the natural result of love and constant hugs from such a kind and caring mom.

Congratulations to Kay and Mr Blitz for leading off this year’s “Old Grey Muzzle Tour” and may Mr Blitz have many more happy, healthy years to come.


Richard Darlington, CO-CEO

Brothers Complete Dog Food, LLC