Mom, will you try the diet that works – please?

SKIN PROBLEMS & ALLERGIES РDiet is the CAUSE РDiet is the SOLUTION РBe Patient. Holistic healing from the inside out takes months, not days. After 3 to 6 months on the proper diet you will see amazing results. But you will never find a real solution to the Allergy problems in a few days or weeks. Those short term improvements are usually due to suppressing the symptoms not solving the problem.

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Two German Shepherds – Two Different Lives – Guest Bloggers Mick and Brandy Malone


Brandy, Mick, and Baby

Richard Darlington invited me and Brandy to share the story of our 2 German Shepherds and what we learned that is helping our second one be so much healthier because we both know a lot of people that are having problems like we were and they need to know there really is a simple solution. Brandy and I wrote this but we had help with spelling and making our words say what we wanted them to say. We don’t want anyone expecting us to write this good all the time. Continue reading

HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW – The TRUE COST to feed your dog

Ein ser Australian Shepherd Welpe sitzt in einem Weidenkorb, den Kopf auf den Rand gelegt, Blick neugierig in die Kamera, im Hintergrund Pflanzen und Holzkisten.

Imagine this scenario: You take a $45 bag of dog food to the cashier. He rings you up and says, “That’ll be $90 please”. You point out the $45 sticker price but he shakes his head and explains, “That’s just the base price and it has to be multiplied by the number of cups per day that’s recommended to feed a 25 lb dog to get the TRUE COST of the bag. ¬† Continue reading