HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW – The TRUE COST to feed your dog

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Imagine this scenario: You take a $45 bag of dog food to the cashier. He rings you up and says, “That’ll be $90 please”. You point out the $45 sticker price but he shakes his head and explains, “That’s just the base price and it has to be multiplied by the number of cups per day that’s recommended to feed a 25 lb dog to get the TRUE COST of the bag.  

Would you buy that dog food if they hid the TRUE COST from you until just before you paid for it? Probably not, and you might even be offended by the tactic, but if you do not factor in the feeding rate of the dog food before you buy it then you are living a close variation of that same scenario, only without being warned about the additional cost.

In 11 years of owning a dog food store I’ve never had a single customer bring up the question of how long a bag of dog food would last when discussing the cost of the food. They only considered the sticker price, as though every dog food had the same nutritional value and would last the same amount of time.

Every time you buy a bag of dog food without taking into account the feeding rate to determine how long that bag will feed your dog, you are almost certainly paying more than the Sticker Price leads you to believe and you aren’t being informed of the additional cost openly – but you are paying it just the same.

I understand why dog parents don’t want the extra work of taking into account the Feeding Rate when figuring out the true cost to feed their dog.  But by not doing it they often pay as much to feed a poorer quality food as it would cost to feed the very best.

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It seemed to me that dog parents needed a calculator that would figure out the TRUE COST for them. So I designed one and put it on our website for anyone to use.


This is what the Dog Food TRUE COST CALCULATOR looks like and it figures out the actual cost to feed the dog food you’re using if you input 3 bits of information, that are easy enough to find.


Many of the dog foods with smaller Sticker Prices turn out to be more expensive once the feeding rate is figured in, which means you can now feed the very best to your very best friend for the same price you’ve been paying all along.



All you need to make it work are 3 things:

  1. Sticker price of the bag.
  2. The Size of the bag in Lbs.
  3. The suggested daily feeding rate for a 25 Lb dog as a decimal (i.e. 1.75 not 1 3/4)


The feeding rate for 25 lbs can be a little difficult at times since most foods don’t list 25 lbs specifically (as in the chart above) but you can figure it out and get close enough.

CLICK ON the  TRUE COST DOG FOOD CALCULATOR and find out what it actually costs you to feed the dog food you thought was so reasonably priced. It’s easy, GIVE IT A TRY!

A link to the TRUE COST CALCULATOR can also be found on our website at https://www.BrothersComplete.com in the header.

On the same page just below the TRUE COST CALCULATOR is a chart of 75 popular foods that I’ve already run through the calculator for you. It’s called the TRUE COST CHART and I think you’ll be quite surprised at the results. Of the 75 foods listed 66 of them ended up costing more than Brothers Complete once the feeding rate was figured in.

You can see the TRUE COST CHART here.

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Richard Darlington Co-CEO

Brothers Complete Dog Food, LLC