A Little Common Sense is a Terrible Thing to Waste – Dogs and Their Allergies


Science hasn’t been able to solve the allergy and skin problems that have been plaguing millions of dogs in this country and I want to share a common sense approach to analyzing and resolving the problems that has been extremely successful – not just theoretically, but in real life with hundreds and hundreds of dogs. This is based on my experience with thousands of dogs in our dog food store over the last 11 years as well as knowledge gleaned from our experience in the dog food industry manufacturing special dog food formulas for the last 7 years that have actually been effective in dealing with these common problems.

Portrait of brown eyed dog

1) There are millions of dogs that are suffering from some form of allergy, food intolerance, or skin conditions such as dry itchy areas, rashes, hot spots, hair loss, excess shedding, dry, dull fur, yeasty ears or paws, constant licking or gnawing of an area. It breaks my heart to read the frustration of their owners and the suffering of their dogs on the different websites as they search for answers that aren’t there. Continue reading

Small Angels and Dogs


Marcus Lemonis said something on his show “The Profit”, that struck a chord in me. He was referring to those occasions when a life event becomes the primary inspiration for starting a business. Marcus made the point that if we experienced something that inspired us to create a business then the source of that motivation is important to acknowledge and share because it has an influence on the company and the product the company produces. I agree with him on that and what follows is the mystical story of how a small Angel and a dog inspired me to start a company to make the healthiest dog food possible.


The 250 year old stone barn restoration I traded to start a dog food company.


More than a few people, including family members, wondered what could possibly  have motivated me eleven years ago, at the age of 60, to leave a comfortable life in the beautiful foothills of eastern Pennsylvania, move a thousand miles to another state, trade in the dream house I’d designed and built out of an old stone barn to finance a business involving dogs, and begin working 100 plus hours a week. I imagined they settled on one of the following reasons: the breakup of a marriage, a delayed midlife crisis perhaps, or just another incomprehensible decision by the oldest of 11 who had a good heart but a compass that didn’t always point north, and now it seemed as though he’d lost his compass completely.
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