The 3 Hidden Costs of Dog Food.

THERE are 4 COSTS directly connected to DOG FOOD 

  1. Sticker price ($35 to $95)
  2. Recommended Daily Feeding Rate (can raise the cost by 33% to 100%)
  3. Increased Veterinarian and medical costs ($1,000 to $5,000 is not uncommon)
  4. Emotional Cost of a sick dog.


The Sticker Price of dog food is usually the only cost people associate with dog food. But there is a direct correlation between less expensive dog food and higher costs in the other three areas connected to the quality of the dog food.

The idea that you are saving money by buying a cheaper dog food is wishful thinking that can be ¬†very expensive . It’s a trap that most people fall victim to. The reality will end up costing much, much more in the long run. It’s not easy to see, when you’re trying to save a few dollars in the now, but the small savings from buying cheaper food has a negative ripple effect that ends up creating expenses down the road that are many, many times more than the few dollars they think they are saving up front.



Higher Feeding Rates = Higher Cost. The 2 cups/day cheaper food on the right @ $45 a bag costs more to feed than the 1 cup/day quality food on the left @ $85 a bag.

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